ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption
ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption brings teams together to better encrypt, manage, and share their code, confidential data, secrets, and intellectual property.
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Encrypt & Share
ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption is built for seamless integration into your day-to-day workflow. With keyless encryption and one click permissions, encrypting and sharing files is no longer a complex and time-consuming task.
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Intellectual Property Theft and Attacks are Big Business


in annual losses in the United States from IP and trade secret theft.


stale sensitive files are open to everyone in 74% of organizations


of business personnel report that they have access to data they probably should not see or have seen

The ATOFIA Difference

ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption brings teams together to better encrypt, manage, and share their code, confidential data, secrets, and intellectual property.

Traditional File Encryption

  • AES, RSA, Blowfish, etc.
  • Complex & Costly Public Key Infrastructure
  • No Zero Trust Architecture
  • Not End-to-End Encrypted
  • Difficult to Share - Only 1 to 1
  • Dated and Clunky Interfaces

ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption

  • ATOFIA 416 Bit Encryption
  • Eliminates Private & Public Keys
  • Built-in Zero Trust Architecture
  • End-to-End Encrypted
  • Easy to Share - 1 to Many
  • Modern and Intuitive Interface

Protect Your Intellectual Property

ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption is built to secure your intellectual property and business secrets. Your innovation, value, and competitive edge is in constant motion across your day to day workflow. Whether you are in the C-Suite, HR, DevSecOPs, or anything in between, your most sensitive and business critical data is secured.

  • Source Code
  • Password and Credentials
  • Configuration Files
  • Business Plans

Control Your Data, Control The Trust

ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption empowers you to have complete control, visibility, and authority on who can access your encrypted files. Only you and the colleagues you select to share with can decrypt and read your encrypted files. With zero trust by default, you are given rigorous access control of every identity and device

Atofia 416-bit Encryption

ATOFIA 416-Bit Encryption is a proprietary and currently unpublished fixed length block cipher. The technology delivers a new, multilayered solution to encryption and data security; giving organizations complete control, transparency, and security of their plaintext data. 

  • Computations – Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems and modal ontological arguments are the foundation for our mathematical models, generating incomplete and inconsistent outcomes for every output.
  • Transformations – Every input cycles through a number of transformation routines. The routines are responsible for the calculation, generation, encryption, transmission, and defense of every ciphertext.
  • Binary – Our transformation routines transform every plaintext input into a final ciphertext output of binary numbers.
  • Self-Defending – Every single 1 and 0 is equipped with a unique self defending protocol based on the halting problem.

Hacker Challenge

A plaintext file has been encrypted with ATOFIA 416-Bit Encryption. The challenge is to decrypt the file and read it. Prove you are more than a script kiddie and try the challenge today.


Whether you are a script kiddie or one of the best hackers in the world, test your skills against a new type of cryptography for plain text files.

Super Computers

Test your super computer’s petaflops against our new mathematical models for cryptography. Give your super computer the computationally demanding workout it deserves. At this time, this offering is only available to super computers located in the United States.