Secure Your Intellectual Property
ATOFIA Cipher+ delivers an innovative and patented solution for teams to encrypt, control, and share their intellectual property, including code and business critical plaintext files.
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Safeguard Your Intellectual Property Assets


in annual losses in the United States from IP and trade secret theft.


stale sensitive files are open to everyone in 74% of organizations

$4.35 million

average total cost of a data breach in 2022

Anatomy of
ATOFIA File Level Security

Zero Trust

  • Machine and User Identity
  • Context-Aware Authentication
  • Audit Log


  • Decryption Privileges
  • One Click Permissions
  • One to Many

Keyless Encryption

  • ATOFIA's Patented Encryption
  • End to End Encryption
  • Encrypted in Transit and at Rest

ATOFIA Cipher+ is a desktop application that delivers client-side keyless encryption and cloud-based authentication for every device and user. Our groundbreaking keyless encryption powers an unparalleled security ecosystem for individual plaintext files.

Control The Trust
Control Your Files

ATOFIA Cipher+ empowers you to have complete ownership, authority, and visibility on who can encrypt and decrypt files like never before. Every encrypted file is assigned custom decryption privileges, granting only the devices and users you select the permission to decrypt the file.

Mitigate Insider Threat and Data Exfiltration

Insider threat and data exfiltration are very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for organizations and security teams to detect. ATOFIA Cipher+ alleviates these security risks by giving organizations an easier, more streamline solution to:

Prevent access by unauthorized devices and users

Secure your intellectual property in transit and at rest 

Increase visibility into file movement and user activity

Strengthen Your Work From Anywhere Security Posture

When working as a geo-distributed workforce, there are new challenges to confront to ensure sensitive organizational data cannot be hacked, stolen, or misplaced. ATOFIA Cipher+ delivers hybrid teams an easy to use, reliable, and secure solution to encrypt and share your business critical plaintext files.