Secure Your Intellectual Property

ATOFIA Cipher+ brings teams together to better encrypt, manage, and share their intellectual property, including code, confidential data, and business secrets.

Take Your File Security to the Next Level

Decryption Rights

Only the authorized identities you select can decrypt and read your ATOFIA files.

Zero Trust

ATOFIA’s authentication server identifies and authenticates every user and device before access is granted to the application. 

Team Sharing

You can encrypt any given plaintext file only once and every colleague in the recipient group can decrypt and read it independently of one another. 

No Keys

Our advancements in keyless cryptography have led to the elimination of public and private key creation, distribution and management.

No Storage

With client side encryption, all your files reside locally on your device. ATOFIA cannot access, share, store, copy, decrypt, or read any of your files. 

No Password

Your computer will automatically create a unique ATOFIA digital fingerprint for you and it will act as your electronic password. Your fingerprint is combinations of information about you and your computer.

Safeguard Your Intellectual Property Assets


in annual losses in the United States from IP and trade secret theft.


sensitive files are open to everyone in 53% of organizations.


the average cost per credential theft incident.

Your IP Requires Rigorous Access Control

Each device and user is identified and verified before access is granted to the application. Gain complete control of which user and device can encrypt, share, and decrypt your valued data:

End-to-End File Encryption

With end to end file encryption, only you and the colleagues you select to share with can decrypt and read your encrypted files. You choose exactly who can decrypt your files and no one else, not even ATOFIA, can decrypt your file. 

You have total control, ownership, and visibility of where your encrypted files travel, who has access to them, and where they are stored.

Amazingly Easy to Use and Share

ATOFIA Cipher+ is built for seamless integration into your day-to-day workflow. Your encrypted files can be easily shared in any of your favorite apps such as Slack, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and more!

Secure Your IP and Business Secrets

Your innovation, value, and competitive edge is in constant motion across your day to day workflow. Whether you are in the C-Suite, HR, DevSecOPs, or anything in between, your most sensitive and business critical data is secured:

Reduce the Attack Surface

The application’s access control mechanisms, file policies, and encryption help safeguard your most valued IP and business secrets against cyber espionage and insider threats, attacks, and theft.

Protecting Your Innovation


Support over 150 different plaintext file extensions.


Encrypt files up to 500k in size.


Smash bytes into bits.

ATOFIA Cipher+ is solely dedicated to the encryption and decryption of plaintext files, on a file by file basis, for IT professionals, programmers, developers, and business users!

We support a wide variety of plaintext file types and extensions including many of the most used programming languages and those rising in popularity.

Folders, directories, and other file types not stated on the list cannot be encrypted.