Decrypt Files

Simply click decrypt to open any file that you have encrypted or files that have been encrypted and shared with you.


1. Select Decrypt

On the dashboard, click Decrypt in the left hand menu.

2. Select a File

Select an encrypted file within your system and select Open

Note: You must have encrypted the file with this system or this must be a file that you have been granted decryption permissions by another user.

3. Decrypting

The progress bar will estimate the amount of time it will take to decrypt the file. The main window will display a preview of the ciphertext.

4. Decryption Complete

Once complete, the sidebar will display the decrypted file location within your system and the decrypted file content.

Note: The original encrypted file (selected in step 2) is not removed from your system. If you wish to remove the encrypted file from your computer, you must delete it manually.

5. File Location

You can click on the file path under “Decrypted File Location:” or on the View File button to open the folder in your Windows file explorer.

Note: All decrypted files will save to the C:\ATOfIA\ATOFIAe\DecryptedFiles\ directory

6. Dashboard Information

The dashboard will display the decrypted file at the top of the activity log.

Note: The activity log file path is relevant at the time of decryption. The file path will not update if the file is moved out of the DecryptedFiles\ directory