Encrypt & Share Files

ATOFIA Keyless File Encryption Support > Encrypt & Share Files

Encrypting and sharing files with other users in your organization is now quick and easy. Simply follow the steps listed below to encrypt files that can only be decrypted by the individuals that you select within your organization.


1. Select Encrypt

On the dashboard, click Encrypt in the left hand menu.

2. Select a File

Select a file with an approved file extension from your system and select Open.

Note: The file must be less than 500kb.

3. Set Permissions.

By clicking on the select box next to their name, only the selected user(s) are granted permission to decrypt your file.The share limit is four users per file.

Note: Your name is automatically set as the default user on the permissions list. This will allow you to decrypt each file that you share.

4. Encrypt the File.

Click Encrypt.

5. Encrypting

The progress bar will estimate the amount of time it will take to encrypt the file. The main window will display a preview of the selected file.

6. Encryption Complete

Once complete, the sidebar will display the location of the new encrypted file and the main window will display the cipher text.

7. File Location

Click on the file path under “Encrypted File Location:” or on the View Encrypted File button to open the containing folder in your Windows file explorer.

Note: All encrypted files will save to the C:\ATOfIA\ATOFIAe\EncryptedFiles\ directory

Note: Encrypted files (.ATOFIA) can be shared as an attachment with users selected in Step 3 via traditional messaging and file transfer services (E-mail, Slack, FTP, Dropbox, etc.)

8. Dashboard Information

The dashboard will display the encrypted file at the top of the activity log along with the users who can decrypt this file. Encrypted Files List displays the current content of the EncryptedFiles directory.

Note: If files are removed from the EncryptedFiles directory, they will no longer appear within the Encrypted Files List.